Today.Az » Politics » OSCE calls Azeri officers to approach more seriously state program on fighting corruption
19 February 2005 [11:03] - Today.Az
OSCE hails Azerbaijani authorities' intention on fighting corruption, the same time the officers seriously approach the state program on fighting corruption, Mauricio Pavesi, the heads of he Baku office of OSCE, told a roundtable on 'State bodies in fighting corruption' organized on Friday jointly with the Society of Young Lawyers.

According to Pavesi, the OSCE is ready to assist the government in the improvement of combating corruption. In compliance with an inquiry held by Transparency International in May 2004 among 1000 respondents, the corruption remains to be the major problem of the country. 87% of respondents underlined the high level of corruption in the country, while some 83% said the corruption irritated them, over 50% regard the corruption was paralyzed the state government, 59% were imposed to corruption, 69% have faced with the problem over the past 6 months. The respondents regarded the law-enforcement bodies, education and health as the most corrupted spheres in the country.

Nazir Bayramov, the Senior assistant to Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan, spoke about the actions in the implementation of State Program on Fighting Corruption, which became effective in January 2005. "The problem exists in Azerbaijan and the authorities seriously approach the problem, we do all possible to remove it," he underlined.

Attending the roundtable were experts of the international and local organizations, MPs and representatives from no-governmental organizations.

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