Today.Az » Politics » Monitoring held on borderline of troops in Tartar
16 February 2005 [09:12] - Today.Az
Relevant to the mandate of personal representative of current chairman of OSCE monitoring was held in the territory of Terter, near the road located between Terter and Aghdere regions, in the borderline of the troops.

Anjey Kspshik-personal representative of current chairman of OSCE, and his field assistants Imre Palatinus and Peter Kay took part in the monitoring by Azerbaijan side. APA was informed of it from press service of Ministry for Defense.

The monitoring in the opposite side of borderline recognized as territory of Azerbaijan in international level was held by Miroslav Vimetal, Tortsen Ahten and Aleksand Samnarski-field assistants of personal representative of the current chairman of OSCE. The monitoring was held without any incidents./APA/

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