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21 January 2019 [11:12] - Today.Az

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January 20, 1990 is the date from which it is possible to start to count the new Azerbaijan’s history, Georgian political analyst Gela Vasadze told Trend.

"The events that took place on the night of January 20 in Baku became the very events when new Azerbaijan was born," he said. "A mental turning point occurred and the people realized that the power wasn't capable of protecting them, and moreover, it had already started to kill. After all these events, in August 1991, Azerbaijan declared its independence."

He noted that similar events took place in Georgia on April 9, 1989, when a mental turning point occurred among the population of Georgia, and after that the Soviet government was actually doomed.

"During those events, I wasn’t in the Caucasus," he said. "But I happened to come to Baku in 1990 a little later, and it was, frankly speaking, a very difficult sight. Despite that enough time had passed, there were Soviet military equipment, armed patrols in Baku, and the city, which I knew as flourishing and joyful, was very gloomy and very tragic. What happened at that time was, of course, the greatest tragedy, which, on the one hand, became a black page in history, and on the other hand, was the very moment, just as the one in Georgia on April 9, when the new Azerbaijan's history started."

January 20 is a day that went down in history of Azerbaijan's fight for independence and territorial integrity.

On January 20, 1990, the Soviet army forces entered Baku to suppress the masses protesting the USSR-supported Armenian aggression based on territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

The result was an unprecedented tragedy for Azerbaijan. Valiant sons and daughters of Azerbaijan put the country's freedom, honor and dignity above everything else, sacrificed their lives and became martyrs.

The January 20 tragedy brought huge losses and death of innocent people. But it also demonstrated the spirit and pride of Azerbaijani nation, which couldn't stand the betrayal of the criminal empire led by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Azerbaijanis gained the independence they were dreaming of, and the country achieved sovereignty.

Despite that many years have passed since those bloody days, Azerbaijanis remember the dreadful night that took many innocent lives and marks the anniversary of the January 20 tragedy every year.

January 20 is immortalized in the memory of Azerbaijani nation as a Day of the Nationwide Sorrow.

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