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17 April 2010 [10:51] - Today.Az
A Sussex carpenter is hoping to break a world record by spending nearly four months in a room with some of the world's most venomous snakes.

David Jones, 44, from Crawley, will carry out his 121-day challenge in Johannesburg on April 24.

His room-mates will include deadly puff adders, snouted cobras, boomslangs and green and black mambas.

He told Five News' Jason Farrell why he's decided to take the risk.

He said: "I wanted to challenge myself, and I also wanted to raise some money for charity."

The current world record is held by South African Martin Smith, aka Mad Martin, who spent 113 days sharing a room with poisonous snakes.

However, Mr Smith was a qualified snake handler, while Mr Jones is an enthusiast - although he insists he is aware of the dangers.

"There are wild animals. They're unpredictable and of course they do bite, and they bite with serious consequences."

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