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29 October 2023 [21:00] - Today.Az

Laman Ismayilova

Beshbarmag Mountain holds great significance as a sacred site for pilgrims who visit regularly. It is believed that the prophet Khidr once journeyed here in search of a life potion.

Today, locals and tourists climb to this mysterious mountain to pray for strength and good fortune. At the foothill, there is a mosque where people generously donate money.

Along the way to the mountain, pilgrims also visit another holy place where they receive a personal blessing.

This blessing typically involves whispered prayers and the touching of shoulders with a stone. The branches of this sacred spot are adorned with colorful strips of cloth, symbolizing the prayers and wishes of the pilgrims.

Aside from its spiritual significance, Beshbarmag Mountain also offers a captivating view of the Caspian Sea.

Recognizing its cultural and natural value, President Ilham Aliyev signed an order in 2021 to establish the Beshbarmag Daghi State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve.

This reserve encompasses the territory of Beshmarmag Mountain, located in Siyazan's Galashikhi village. The management of the reserve falls under the responsibility of the State Tourism Agency.

The Cabinet of Ministers amended the decision "On approval of the distribution of immovable monuments of history and culture being under state protection in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regarding to their values".

The Beshbarmag Daghi State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve is added to the "Archaeological Monuments" section of the list of immovable historical and cultural monuments of national importance.

In July, 2021, the State Tourism Agency proposed to approve the security boundaries of the Beshbarmag mountain.

Research work and archaeological excavations were carried out in the mountain in partnership with the National Science Academy (ANAS).

According to the state agency, at the first stage, it was planned to repair the road around the mountain, and then - the construction of basic infrastructure buildings. Projects for the development of tourism will be implemented on the territory of the reserve.

Archaeological excavations carried out on the territory of the reserve will make it possible to further promote Beshbarmag not only as a unique natural monument but also as an object of archaeological tourism, because it is an ancient settlement dating back to the Middle Ages. Moreover, Beshbarmag Mountain is also a unique place for observing bird migration.

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