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22 June 2018 [14:44] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Sand, water, sunshine and good company are sometimes all you really need.

Summer is here, so it's time to start planning a beach vacation in Azerbaijan.

The climate of Azerbaijan is very diverse. Nine out of eleven existing climate zones are present in Azerbaijan.

The Greater Caucasus, situated in the north of the country and stretching from the northwest to the southeast, protects the country from direct influences of northern cold air masses.

That leads to the formation of a subtropical climate on most of the foothills and plains of the country.

And it is not surprising that the favorable climate - early spring, mild winters and abundance of sun - makes the Caspian coast of Azerbaijan the center of beach tourism in the summer.

 If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Azerbaijan, the hottest months are July and August.

From road trips and nature adventures to multigenerational family trips, the Land of Fire offers an array of exciting beach resort activities. 

Azerbaijan has more than 500 kilometres (311 miles) of coastline along the western Caspian Sea.

Beach season begins in the sunny Azerbaijan from June, although some people start it earlier in May because of the warm weather.

Every year, thousands of guests come here to admire the stunning local scenery and, of course, take a break from the daily bustle.

The Caspian Sea is known as the world’s largest lake and the Azerbaijani coastline extends over 800 kilometers, making it a great beach destination. 

If you are thinking where to spend the holidays in Azerbaijan, here are the perfect beaches for you.


What defines a beautiful beach? For some, it's the whiteness of the clarity of the water. For others, it's a beautiful shore.

Everyone can find a place for a nice rest at beaches in Novkhani.

Special attention deserves the beaches in Novkhani.

With so many restaurants, cafes to choose, you won't be disappointed.

You can stay at a family recreation complex with magnificent views of the sea.

Water volleyball, horse riding, and other entertainments awaits you here.

You won't forget the beautiful moments of your life spent in this wonerful area!


Whether you want to relax, catch some rays, swim, play beach games, or look for extra fun and adventure Nabran has something for everyone.

One of the most popular resort in Azerbaijan lies a few kilometres from the Dagestan border in the north with some of the country’s cleanest waters.

The seaside resort attracts both tourists and locals with its facilities and forested areas.

First of all, tourists are attracted by the climate, which is moderate here throughout the whole year -- it is dry and warm in summer, and wet in winter, but it is not especially frosty. 

Hotels and resorts from luxurious five-star bungalows to budget-friendly spots line the coastline.

Shikhov Beach

Shikhov Beach lies 9.5 kilometres (5.9 miles) to the south of the city centre. 

The beach has been a traditional retreat for Baku residents, though the water is polluted by sewage and industrial waste and the view is marred by large oil rigs both in the surrounding land area and offshore.

It provides beach loungers and special sunshades. Here you can use the loungers, colorful umbrellas and grab a drink in the bar. 

Mardakan Beach

Mardakan is one of the oldest villages of the Absheron peninsula.

It is named after a tribe called the Mards (the Azerbaijani word for "Braves") who lived in the area during the 1st century AD.

Mardakan beach is considered one of the best in Baku in terms of sea water quality.

Along the coast, it is easy to find a lot of cafes and restaurants, where you can not only quench your thirst with tea and soft drinks, but also have a snack.

Bilgah Beach

A one-kilometre stretch of sandy beach sits on the Absheron Peninsula’s northeast tip. 

Bilgah is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy perfect beach. If you travel to Baku and rent a car, it takes approximately 30 minutes from the city centre.

There’s a small fee to use some facilities such as changing rooms, umbrellas and sunbeds. Moreover, numerous hotels and resorts line this stretch of the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan’s shores have a great opportunity for beach tourism

To develop this field in the country and attract more tourists in this shiny season President Ilham Aliyev signed an executive order approving an action plan on the development of beach tourism for 2017-2020.  

The order aims to ensure more effective use of the Azerbaijani section of the Caspian sea to improve tourism industry.

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