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14 June 2011 [14:11] - Today.Az

Road and Traffic 2011, the 1st Caspian International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition, will take place on 16-18 June in Baku Expo Centre, Azerbaijan.  Road and Traffic is a unique specialized exhibition, demonstrating the region’s road infrastructure. 

The first edition of the exhibition will be supported by the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

The decision to launch the Road and Traffic exhibition is a result of the large number of projects and huge growth of budget allocations for the development of road infrastructure and public transport.  The exhibition provides an ideal opportunity for companies to present their products and services to interested parties.   

Road and Traffic is divided into thematic exhibitions, covering every sector of road infrastructure, namely: road construction, road safety, public transport and intelligent transport management systems.  The exhibition will feature companies from Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey, Russia, China and other countries.  The exhibitors include local and international organizations, construction and road-building companies, and public transport operators. 

In addition to commercial organizations, the exhibition will also present AvtoNəqliyyatservis Department and AzerYolServis, which are agencies of Azerbaijan’s Transport Ministry. 
The road construction sector will present new road system projects in Azerbaijan (roads, bridges and tunnels).  The public transport sector will demonstrate new models of taxis for Baku, and in the territory adjacent to the venue there will be test-drives of new taxi-cabs. 

The exhibition will showcase projects for the future development of the Baku metro system and new carriages for the underground system from Chinese and Russian manufacturers. The exhibition will also include road safety systems, road marking equipment, road lighting, and intelligent transport management systems. 

Traffic management is receiving special attention from the leadership of the country.  In recent years, Azerbaijan has rapidly reconstructed its transport infrastructure, with projects to build modern railway lines, roads, ports, shipyards and more. 

The ongoing work will undoubtedly serve one of the most important goals of the national economy: the development of the non-oil sector.  Road and Traffic is designed to present the results of the transport industry, demonstrate innovations in the field of road infrastructure, attract investment in industry projects and develop international partnerships.

The exhibition is organized by Iteca Caspian LLC, part of ITE Group Plc (UK).


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