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25 May 2010 [09:15] - Today.Az
Yesterday, after busy rehearsals day Azerbaijani star visited joint party of Ukraine and Germany.

Both Alyosha and Lena performed on EuroClub’s stage in front of Eurovision fans crowd and press. Safura watched closely both performances and after Lena’s performance made a surprise for everybody. She came on the stage and gave special gift that she prepared herself for fellow contestants – native Azerbaijani mat for Alyosha and late birthday present for Lena. For her Azerbaijani singer has found an ancient horse shoe for luck.

Lena was very surprised to see Safura in EuroClub and especially to get a gift from her. Two contestants met for a first time after long months of rumors and fights about their songs, comparisons and buzz around. Safura wished all the best to German and Ukrainian contestants. Safura and Lena, “the main rivals at Eurovision” according to the European press, have finally got a chance to meet each other. Probably next time they will meet on Eurovision 2010 stage.

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