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05 July 2022 [13:03] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

The National Carpet Museum will present the Lampa carpet on July 6, Azernews reports, citing the Carpet Museum.

The carpet was donated to the museum's Shusha branch by the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Elders, a recipient of the personal presidential scholarship, and the first Ombudsman, professor Elmira Suleymanova.

This carpet was woven in Shusha in the 1930s. The first samples of such carpets were woven in Shusha in the early XIX century. Such carpets, also known as Shusha, used to adorn mansions and palaces.

Later, the Lampa became widespread in Karabakh as dast hali gaba, a carpet set consisting of a wide central known as "hali" and narrow side parts called "kanare".

Stylized with beautiful flowers, including Kharibulbul, the Lampa carpet reflects the unique beauty of the Karabakh region and the aesthetic taste of the people living there.

These remarkable carpets, preserved in world museums and numerous collections, remain significant.

In recent years, the National Museum enriched its collection with museum objects of historical and artistic significance within the State Program for the Preservation and Development of Carpet Art in Azerbaijan for 2018-2022, and numerous organizations, including the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Culture Ministry.

Azerbaijani and foreign philanthropists and collectors also played a key role in the replenishment of the collection.

Founded in 1967, the National Carpet Museum never ceases to amaze everyone with its beautiful architecture.

Initiated by eminent carpet artist Latif Karimov, it is beautiful inside and outside.

The museum's new building is designed in the form of a rolled carpet.

The Carpet Museum stores over 14,000 exhibits of the finest Azerbaijani carpets.

The museum hosts multiple events, including international symposiums, conferences, and various exhibitions.

In 2019, the museum received national status for its significant contribution to the popularization and promotion of Azerbaijani Carpet Weaving Art.

In 2020, the Carpet Museum enriched its collection with beautiful pile carpets purchased by the Culture Ministry at the Sartirana Textile Show in Italy.

The XIX century Guba carpet Ugakh was donated to the Carpet Museum, while Karabakh's Chalabi carpet enriched the collection of the museum's Shusha branch.

Moreover, the Carpet Museum won Travelers' Choice Awards for the fourth time in a row last year.

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