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22 September 2020 [11:12] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Russian scientists have been awarded with order named after Azerbaijani artist. The order from the series "Famous personalities of Europe" was initiated by European Academy of Natural Sciences in honor of world-famous artist Sakit Mammadov. 

The honorable medals went to academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts Sergei Kvashnin, Viktor Kartsev professor Arkady Gorbunov.

The order of Sakit Mammadov was initiated in 2018 in honor of the 60th anniversary of national artist for contributions to art, science, heritage, education, multinational culture and traditions of the peoples of the world. 

Sakit Mammadov won the hearts of art lovers with his colorful paintings. His masterpieces are among those that collectors want to get with great pleasure at the world museums, galleries, and the auctions.

The name of the famous Azerbaijani artist is well known to art lovers far beyond the borders.

The artist's art works are exhibited in the galleries of Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Australia and other countries.

Opalism is a school, a style the foundation of which was laid by academic artist Sakit Mammadov. Opalism word’s etymology was taken from the opal stone.

The warm color pattern in opal had won Sakit Mammadov’s admiration from the youth. Almost in all his works the colors of stone is found.

Sakit Mammadov is a member of the UNESCO Artists Union and the World Academy of Arts. He is Honorary Academician of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts and the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Count of the Heraldic Academy of the Vatican. 

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