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01 August 2019 [13:40] - Today.Az

By Laman Ismayilova

Nakhchivan is one of the most ancient territories of human settlement not only in Azerbaijan, but throughout the world. Archaeological excavations on the territory of the ancient settlement of Nakhchivan Tepe prove that.

During the excursion to the Nakhchivan Tepe archaeological monument, the department head of the Nakhchivan Division of the Institute of History, Ethnography and Archeology, head of the Nakhchivan archeological expedition Vali Bakhshaliyev said that archeological excavations showed that ancient settlements in Nakhchivan were inhabited 300-500 thousand years ago.

These settlements were mainly found in river valleys of Nakhchivan, on mountain slopes, and in millenniums-old caves. The tools and material culture samples found testify that those settlements were some of the oldest ones not only in Azerbaijan but also in the world.

Archaeological excavations in the Nakhchivan Tepe ancient settlement started on July 1. The research plays an important role in identifying links between the cultures of the South Caucasus and the Middle East and in studying the history of Nakhchivan as a whole.

The archaeological excavations revealed the remains of dwellings, obsidian fragments, painted patterns, ceramic patterns, and various labor instruments.

The first settlers of Nakhchivan Tepe built dwellings that were partly dug into the ground and partly constructed from mud bricks.

Rooms of this kind have also been discovered during the excavations at the Ovchular Tepe and Yeni Yol settlements.

Many archaeological materials found from the site include pottery and obsidian fragments as well as several tools.

The animal bones found show that the residents were generally engaged in small cattle breeding. Hunting took an important place in the life of the settlement residents. Bones of horses and dogs are represented by single examples.

The pottery discovered in the settlement of Nakhchivan Tepe has important value for studying the Chalcolithic Age culture of the region.

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