Today.Az » Business » Economic Court #1 to consider appeal of "ANS-Commerce"
25 January 2007 [17:21] - Today.Az
Tomorrow Economic Court #1 will consider the appeal of ANS Group of Companies on Ministry decision, ANS Groups of Companies told.

As APA reports, Taxes Ministry examined ANS Commerce during August-September last year and fined AZN 31,000 for tax evasion.

ANS Group of Companies filed an appeal to Economic Court #1 by submitting In the trail presided over Judge Mashallah Ahmadov the representatives of the ANS group of companies presented the judgments of international and local auditors so as to prove disagreement with the Ministry's examination results and tried to prove that these judgments do not coincide with the results of audits conducted by the Ministry of taxes.

The documents were referred to the Justice Ministry's Criminology Institute for Trail Probe into Crimes, but the Court considered the request as baseless.

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