Today.Az » Business » AtaSighorta's insurance fees collection increases 71.5%
20 January 2007 [13:45] - Today.Az
During 2006 AtaSighorta Insurance Company collected insurance fees AZN 3,076,581, up 71.5% from last year.

Company's Sales and Marketing manager, Vusal Nasirli, told the APA that fees collected from life insurance amounted to AZN 10,112, from accident insurance was AZN 2,085,787, from individual accident insurance AZN 165,294, from transport insurance AZN 77,031, engineering insurance AZN 55,214, voluntary medical insurance AZN 158,807 and agriculture produce insurance AZN 4,404, the rest from compulsory insurance.

Company made insurance payment of AZN 423,508, up 60.5% from last year. AZN 410,459 was paid on voluntary insurance and AZN 13,049 on compulsory insurance. The bulk of insurance payment was made (AZN 366,816), the rest for other insurance types.

In 2005 AtaSighorta's insurance fees collection made AZN 1.794m, insurance payment AZN 264,000.

Company's nominal capital reached AZN 2m.

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