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19 January 2007 [22:59] - Today.Az
The weighted average exchange prices made up 0,8712 AZN for 1 US dollar in the Baku Interbank Currency Exchange on January 19.

The average-weighted dollar exchange rate was 0,8713 at the morning session on US currency in the BEST (Bourse E-system of trades). Deals on instrument USD/AZM T+0 were 261 360 AZN. Manat exchange rate remained unchanged.

Deals were 696 960 AZN at the afternoon session. Thus, the weighted average exchange was 0,8712.

The volume of trades in the instrument USD/AZM T+0 for both sessions totaled 958 320AZN (USD 1 100 000).

The average volume of one deal was $ 275 000.

No deals did take place in USD/AZN T+1, T+2 instrument in BEST, because of lack of demand.

There were no deals did take place on Instrument EUR/AZN T+0, and RUR/AZN.

In the inter-bank credit market functioning in the framework of BEST, BakiBOR index counted in line with requests made by market makers constituted 14.51 % in manats on 90 day-instruments, and 14.63 % in USD.

No deals did take place on credit instrument on January 19. AzerTAg

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