Today.Az » Business » Nominal incomes grow 23.4% in Azerbaijan
19 January 2007 [00:29] - Today.Az
During 2006 Azerbaijani population's total nominal incomes rose 23.4%, or AZN 1.9bn year-over-year.

The per capita incomes of Azerbaijani population grew by 22% to AZN 1 189.5 (USD 1,331.4), the State Statistical Committee told APA.

The population's net income after taxes, compulsory charges and voluntary membership dues grew by 24.1%, year-on-year, to AZN 8.8 billion.

Of the incomes, people spent 68.9% on consumption expenses, 11.6% for taxes, social insurance and voluntary membership dues and 19.5% for increasing savings and capitals.

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