Today.Az » Business » Bank of Baku achieves 34%-rise of assets
18 January 2007 [01:18] - Today.Az
Azerbaijan's Bank of Baku increased by 34% or AZN18.39 to AZN 72.99m, as of early January 2007.

Bank's head office told the APA that its credit portfolio grew by 73% to AZN 50.78m, liabilities rose to AZN 57.81m from AZN 41.81m during 2006.

Bank's deposit portfolio rose 35% or AZN 13.83m to AZN 53.67m, including term deposits more than doubling to AZN 25.74m.

Bank's balance capital reached AZN 15.19m, aggregate capital rose 15% to AZN 13.43m, paid-up capital amounted to AZN 6.8m.

Last year the Bank's incomes and expenditures totaled to AZN 12.49 and AZN7.57m, respectively, with a net profit of AZN 3.06m.

Bank has to date issued 25, 407 plastic cards, of which 15,548 are credit cards and 9,859 are debit cards.

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