Today.Az » Business » EU can finance Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project in future
16 January 2007 [16:15] - Today.Az
"Germany and the neighboring countries expect improvements from Germany's chairmanship of the European Union," German ambassador to Azerbaijan, chairing the EU since January 1, Per Stankina said at the press conference.

Calling Germany 'engine of Europe,' the ambassador said that his country is the first for its economic development and population.

He said annual economic growth is about 3% and announced his activity priorities during his chairmanship of the EU.

"Europe also has its problems. Unfortunately, the Constitution on the EU was not adopted, because 2 countries objected and there has been some kind of stagnation since then. German aims at removing this stagnancy. Two summits of the EU will be held during our chairmanship. One of them will be held with participation of the US, Russia and Canada, the second with Japan's participation. 48 meetings on the ministerial level are planned to be held during six months, in general the number of the meetings within the EU will reach 400. Germany will also chair G8."

Reminding that South Caucasian countries signed Action Plan in the frame of New Neighbourhood Policy of EU, Stankina said that new strategy plan will be worked out for Central Asia country and will be presented to the EU during Germany chairmanship.

Saying that Turkey is a very important and necessary country for the EU, the ambassador stressed the current stage of the negotiations are difficult and noted that he hopes for the settlement of the issue.

Answering the questions the ambassador estimated the situations of Azerbaijanis who want to get asylum from Germany.

"At the present, the number of Azerbaijanis who seek asylum from Germany reduced. The reason is the serious control of the embassy while getting visa. It is not possible to return illegal Azerbaijanis from Germany yet, because, any document concerning this issue has not been sighed between our governments. It is important to sign this document," the ambassador noted.

Expressing his attitude to Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the ambassador stated that this project was not considered while adopting TRASECA project.

"EU is not against this project. If this railway will be successful, EU can finance this project in future," the ambassador added.

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