Today.Az » Business » Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund plans to set up branch network
28 June 2006 [09:48] - Today.Az
Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund intends to establish branches throughout the country and the aim is to convey its service to all regions.

As APA reports, from March 1 the fund allotted over 30 mortgage credits and some of them were taken out by regions.

In general AZN 26mn is planned to allocate to the fund by the state budget of 2006. per maximum credit amount is AZN 30,000 (70% of the apartment), credit period is 3-15 years, annual credit interest is up to 12%.

The credit interest for credit companies is 6%.

The credit companies are Azerbaijan International Bank, Capital Bank, Bank standard, Atabank, Azerdemiryolbank, Bank of Baku, Caucasus development Bank, Kochbank Azerbaijan, bank Respublika, Unibank, Bank NIKoil, Tekhnikabank, Turanbank and Khalgbank.

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