Today.Az » Business » Volume of cargo carried by Azerbaijani transport rises 10% within January-May
23 June 2006 [09:31] - Today.Az
Within January-May of the current year Azerbaijani transport carried 54.1mln tons of cargo and this figure is 9.8% more than that of respective period of 2005.

50.5% of the cargo was carried by automobile, 15.6% by pipeline, 23% by railway, 10.8% by sea and 53% of the carried cargo falls to share of private sector.

Cargo turnover rose 16.8%, in comparison with respective period of 2005, to 12bn ton/km.

As APA reports, number of passengers carried by transport rose 5.4%, in comparison with 2005’s respective period to 420.1mln people and 83.2% of them were carried by private sector.

83.3% of the passengers were carried by automobile and 16% by Subway.

Freight carrying by railway rose 29.1%, in comparison with last year's corresponding period, to 12.4mln ton. 632 freight cars were emptied a day within January-May and this figure is 8.8% more than that of last year’s corresponding period.

Freight turnover rose 29.45 to 4.6bn ton/km in this period. 5.9mln tons shipment was carried by sea and this figure is 3.3% more than the last year's.

2/3 of shipment was oil, 1/3 was other product cargo, 99.5% of the shipment was carried abroad.

Shipment turnover rose 13.9% to 3.4bn ton/km and passenger carrying by sea rose 31.2%.

Shipping-unshipping increased 8.2% to 2.9mln ton in Baku International Sea trade Port.

In this period passenger carrying by Baku Subway rose 6.2% to 67mln people, passenger carrying by trolleybus decreased 3.7 times to 99.4 thousand people.

Besides, passenger carrying by air rose 8.7% to 444.9 thousand people in the reporting period.

5.8% of passenger carrying by air falls in the share of private sector.

Oil transportation by oil pipeline decreased 2.3% to 5.2mln ton, gas transport by gas pipeline rose 14% to 4.5bn cubic meters. Imported gas constituted 45% of the gas transport and this figure is 9% more than last year’s respective period. Turnover of gas and oil by pipeline were disproportional-gas turnover increased 10% and oil turnover decreased 4.6%.

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