Today.Az » Business » National savings in banks rise 35% in Azerbaijan
23 June 2006 [08:50] - Today.Az
As of May 1 national savings in bank-credit structures constituted AZN568.3mln and this figure is 35% more than that of last year's respective period.

As APA reports, AZN78.5mln (13.8%) of the funds were deposited by national currency and AZN489.8mln (86.2%) by foreign currency and these indicators are 2.1 times and 27.4% more than last year's corresponding indicators respectively.

57.1% (AZN324.4mln) of the savings were set aside in private banks. In May ate of manat for $US$1 was AZN0.90 and for Ruble was AZN3.33, for euro was AZN1.15.

And as a result, price of national currency rose 0.01, 0.06 and 0.04 in comparison with the aforesaid currencies respectively.

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