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20 May 2024 [14:19] - Today.Az

Nazrin Abdul

Professor Adalat Muradov, rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), addressed the 7th General Assembly of the Union of Turkic Universities (TURKUNIB), highlighting the crucial role of collaboration in achieving the goals set forth in the "Turkic World 2040 Vision" by the Organisation of Turkic States, Azernews reports.

Muradov emphasised that the unity and integrity of the Turkic world, as well as the successful realisation of the vision, rely heavily on the joint efforts of youth and scientists, both locally and on the global stage.

"In an era where knowledge and technology dictate competitiveness, the ability of Turkic states to leverage their combined potential and address each other's shortcomings hinges greatly on university cooperation," Muradov stated.

He stressed the importance of bolstering TURKUNIB's organisational structure, expanding its financial resources, and fostering deeper collaboration among member institutions to advance shared objectives.

President of the International Turkic Academy, Academician Shahin Mustafayev, underscored that the Union of Turkic Universities plays a pivotal role in fostering integration within the realm of higher education, reflecting Turkiye's commitment to academic collaboration.

Mustafayev emphasised that the union's activities should serve as a catalyst for strengthening ties between our nations' higher education institutions.

He stressed the importance of expanding pedagogical and student exchanges through initiatives like the Orkhon Exchange Program, facilitating the assimilation of shared values.

Regarding the Orkhon Exchange Program, Mustafayev acknowledged financing as a critical concern. He proposed the establishment of a dedicated financial fund, supported by contributions from member countries of the Organisation of Turkic States, as a viable solution to ensure sustainable funding beyond existing mechanisms.

It should be noted that the 7th General Assembly of the Turkic Universities Union (TURKUNIB) commenced under the chairmanship of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). This international event gathered rectors from over 60 universities representing Turkic states.

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