Today.Az » Business » Highest salary paid in Estonia - lowest in Tajikistan
17 February 2006 [08:06] - Today.Az
Highest average monthly salary among the ex-USSR republics is paid in Estonia. So, according to the results of 2005, average monthly salary every Estonian was paid amounted to $593.

As APA reports, the subsequent countries with high salaries are Latvia ($493) and Lithuania ($420).

As a result of analysis conducted on the basis of official data of the central statistical offices of the former Soviet republic it was revealed that the fourth country in this list is Russia ($302), and the following are Kazakhstan ($260), Ukraine ($220), and Belarus ($214).

The highest salary among South Caucasian republics was registered in Azerbaijan - $140 (AZN 127), $115 in Armenia and $50 in Georgia.

Salary in Moldova is about $100, $60 in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, $40 in Turkmenistan and $36 in Tajikistan.

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