Today.Az » Business » Fazil Mammadov: "Special control measures implemented to prevent possible damage of state budget by manat's revaluation"
14 February 2006 [09:15] - Today.Az
Taxes transferred to the budget in foreign currency will be used by the government for implementation of payments in currency.

The minister of taxes Fazil Mammadov informing about it said that this mechanism will prevent possible damage of the state budget by difference occurred due to variation of exchange rates of foreign currencies against manat. "The government has sufficient foreign expenditures to repay and in any case those expenditures are converted from manat into currency", the minister stressed.

According to F.Mammadov, the government holds discussions about this issue and any loss supposed to occur due to devaluation of foreign currency is specially controlled by the government. The minister also said that if there is a currency account on expense items in the state budget in future, financial transactions with foreign states will be implemented on the basis of this account.

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