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17 May 2022 [12:35] - Today.Az

By Trend

Azerbaijan develops "cloud" services on the basis of local servers, Project Manager Rashad Aliyev told Trend.

According to him, today work is underway to modernize the (local mail system) and (cloud storage) projects. The web platform for organizing video conferences has also been launched.

"Projects being implemented are aimed at strengthening local data so that all data transmitted passes through local services. We have our own server at Delta Telecom (internet operator and telecommunications company of Azerbaijan) to do this, which processes all requests at the local level. Creation of such projects helps to reduce dependence on external services, and risk of any data leakage and also contributes to the development of information technologies in Azerbaijan," Aliyev said.

According to the project manager, the "cloud" service has already been launched in Azerbaijan, services of which are used not only in country itself but also in 20 other countries of the world.

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