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27 May 2018 [10:03] - Today.Az

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In 2019, Azerbaijan plans to begin construction of a large complex for the production of pomegranate products.

Farhad Garashov, chairman of the Association of Pomegranate Manufacturers and Exporters, told Trend.

"Several members of our association have already prepared a business plan. To compile it, foreign consulting and audit companies were involved. The business plan is submitted to the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan, and we expect a positive response. The project can be financed through the National Entrepreneurship Support Fund, "Garashov said.

According to the chairman of the Association, the complex can be built in one of the industrial parks of Azerbaijan.

"It is planned that the complex will consist of 4 enterprises for the production of pomegranate juice, concentrate, processing of pomegranate peels and seeds. The total cost of the complex, according to the business plan is 25 million manat. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019, completed by 2021, "- said the head of the Association.

In general, according to Garashov, an important task is to increase the types of products obtained from pomegranate.

"This will help increase the export potential in this area. From a pomegranate it is possible to receive juices, alcoholic drinks, narcharab. Pomegranate rind, as well as oil from its seeds are used in cosmetology, pharmaceutical production. That is, it is a non-waste product, "Garashov said.

The Association of Pomegranate Manufacturers and Exporters was established on October 31, 2016.

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