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10 May 2014 [10:20] - Today.Az

By AzerNews

The protests are still underway in Armenia as the new government is continuing its 'empty promises' policies.

The Armenian citizens, sick of social problems, rallied in the capital Yerevan on May 8 seeking solution to their social problems.

Homeless residents of Yerevan, who have been seeking for a roof over their heads since 2004, held a rally in front of the government building, where the new ministers were discussing the new program.

The protestors said they are in a desperate condition as they still could not move to their new apartments. The construction company which belongs to a former MP sold the apartments, but the company became bankrupt and now the owner of the apartments is a bank. Cheated citizens were left without apartments, as well as without money.

"We asked for help from the prime minister, and now he directs us to the Mayor's Office," they told journalists. "We do not trust the new government, as the changes in the government are formal. This state is a clan of some people, who rob the nation."

Following the government meeting, hopeless protestors went to the newly appointed Justice Minister Ovanes Manukyan to ask him to solve their problems. Manukyan only listened to the protesters and asked for 10 days to get deeply acquainted with their problems. The homeless residents of Yerevan heard only a promise for the next time.

The same day the civil initiative group "I protest" also held a rally against the illegality around accumulative pension system. About 1,000 people demanded not to collect charges against their will. "We are tired of promises. The more we are silent, the more the government forgets us," the activists of the civil initiative group said.

The Constructional Court declared unconstitutional the disputed items of a law on introducing compulsory accumulative pension system on April 2. However, the court's decision remains unfulfilled as illegal charges are being collected from salaries. The newly formed government intends to discuss the draft amendments to the law on accumulative pension system on May 12.

While the anti-government protests continue, the government works "diligently" on the new program. Prime Minister Ovik Abramyan promised that his government will talk less and act more and will present the government program to the parliament by May 23. Obramyan even threatened to dismiss the officials in case of ineffective implementation of the government's "maximum realistic" program, which is yet to be developed.

In addition, Abramyan acknowledged that definite distrust to government reigns in the country, noting that he intends to restore a trust by 'nonstandard decisions'.

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