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31 January 2014 [16:00] - Today.Az

By AzerNews

Reports from Armenia say the authorities are planning to launch a war against their own nation as part of preparations to keep their power.

The reports noted that the government is set to use the army for suppressing mass protests across the country. The move will be mandated by the Justice Ministry.

Armenia's Justice Ministry just recently disapproved a draft bill on amendments to the law "On legal regime of emergency". The draft excluded the use of troops to suppress unrests in the country and limited involvement of police and national security forces during protest rallies.

The year of 2014 seems to be a difficult year for Armenians. To prepare themselves, the authorities want to gain the loyalty of the "guardians of order". To this end, the government plans to increase salaries of police twice, although the state budget is small enough for such an increase.

"Unexpected increase of salaries seems to be the only life-buoy for the authorities," Armenian media reported.

Armenian police, in turn, has recently demonstrated an extra loyalty to the state power.

Dozens of police officers used undue force against the mothers of dead soldiers who protested against the violence, brutality, and non-obedience atmosphere in the army on the Army Day on January 28. The number of Yerevan's police officers exceeded the number of mothers. Outraged mothers chanted "Shame! Tell your mothers what you did today!"

Many Armenians, bored of intolerable life in the motherland are looking for ways to flee to other countries. The renunciation of Armenian citizenship is the only way out of the difficult situation for them. Ten families living in a house under the threat of collapse intend to seek asylum at the Russian Embassy. Yerevan's Mayor asked them to wait until 2015 to resolve their problem, but the families doubt that they will survive in alert conditions.

The tense situation in the country also broke silence of Armenian intelligentsia, who decided to join the opposition section of the nation.

The Union of Armenian writers said the time for changes has come believing that the only way out of the country's complicated situation is the change of the government.

They believe that the situation should be changed not through revolutions, but reforms.

The writers will apply soon to President Serzh Sargsyan calling him to change the government and the prime minister.

The rising protests in the country have made the Armenian authorities to step back recently. The Constitutional Court temporarily suspended the law on the introduction of compulsory accumulative pension system, which faces larger protests among people. Four opposition parliament fractions have appealed to the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law on the introduction of compulsory accumulative pension system, which enacted on January 1, 2014.

Member of the Armenian Chamber of Advocates Norayr Norikyan, however has called for general strike against the adoption of the law. He believes that the strike will surely influence the Constitutional Court's final decision.

Armenian authorities use all possible ways to fight against popular protests. But how long they will be able to keep their power remains to be seen.

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